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Bounty Paper Towels Regular Rolls, 8 ea


Life may be full of messes, but cleaning them up can be easier with Bounty Paper Towels. Thick and absorbent, Bounty Regular Paper Towel Rolls help you clean up quickly and easily— one sheet locks in the mess. With strength and durability, these absorbent paper towels have the ability to soak up fluids or wipe up tough spills without breaking through or falling apart. Go ahead, jump into that art project or pour on the BBQ sauce with the confidence that Bounty Paper Towels are there to make cleaning up the mess efficient and stress-free. These regular paper towel rolls are white, printed with a quilted pattern, and will fit on any standard-sized paper towel roll holder. This package of Bounty Paper Towels includes 8 regular rolls. Bounty Paper Towels: Regular-sized rolls One sheet locks in the mess 8 rolls

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