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Deni 7100 5 Tray Food Dehydrator


If you've just got to have apricots in the middle of winter, now you can! Preserve all of your favorite foods with the Deni 7100 5 Tray Food Dehydrator - it's easy and natural. Dehydrating is the least time-consuming of all food preservation methods and is an inexpensive way to enjoy your favorite foods in their off-season. The automatic fan circulates air to produce the best quality of dried product. Each of the trays has four height adjustments to accommodate a variety of foods. This dehydrator can be used for flowers as well. For proper drying, select the appropriate level for each of your food items. The temperature setting for each tray, from bottom to top, is as follows: 190 F, 183 F, 176 F, 176 F, and 167 F. Additional features: Preserves fruit for snacks, herbs and vegetables for sauces or soups, bread cubes, and flowers Lets you buy in bulk, so you save up to 90% over the cost of health foods and commercially freeze-dried foods Dries food overnight Keeps food's natural flavor, no need for flavor mixing Uses 100% natural ingredients without additives or preservatives Durable motor and fan dry food fast and evenly 300 watts of drying power Automatic fan circulates air 5 stack trays, 2 fruit roll trays, 1 herb tray Trays are adjustable and have 4 height adjustments Evenly dries all sizes of food and flowers 1-year limited warranty

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