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Problem with your Order?

NetPlenish Information Center
posted this on Mar 20 04:20 pm

NetPlenish works as an intermediary between yourself and our trusted merchants. Therefore, we are never directly involved with an item or billing issues. We have, however, made it easy for you to resolve any issues should they unfortunately arise.

Here is how...

Go to your Order History (you will need to be logged in to your account to access this information). This can be found under the My Account tab, or click here.

In Order History, select the order in question. Under Customer Support, you will be shown the contact number for the merchant in question. You can contact them directly regarding any order issues.

If you wish to view your purchase details and resolve any issues online regarding your order, go to the order in question and select Show Login Details. You will need to make note of the email address and password we provide you here as this was used in the processing of your order. Then, simply click the Go to Their Site link we have provided and use the indicated email and password to view your actual order at the merchant’s site.

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