NetPlenish: Initial Reactions

It’s been a couple of weeks since NetPlenish’s emergence into mobile app stores, and responses continue to pour in. Your comments and reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, but we know we still have a ways to go to make this app exactly how we envision it to be. We are working hard on the next version, which will include search and a number of new exciting features. So keep your eye on the App Store update button!

In the meantime, here are a few links to reviews.

My personal favorite? Fox Business! :
[This] new app gives serious bargain-hunting power to those with no time to shop around and clip coupons.

Most of the time, I’m just hitting the nearest drug store and hoping some of the stuff I want is on sale. But if I just put in some effort upfront, buying household stuff can get a lot easier and cheaper.

So the unique part to what NetPlenish is doing is not just this idea of serving everyday shoppers’ needs through a household goods-targeted service, but the price comparison features, mobile-first focus, and simplified checkout process.

NetPlenish is fun and easy to use, as shoppers use their iPhone or Android to scan the barcodes of the products they are buying over and over again, to create their shopping list.

Apple user review:
When buying many items, the prices are comparable to hunting for deals, but without the hassle!“ 

Google Play review:
Ended up spending less time placing an order than I would have in the checkout line. Spent less money, and next time I can order from home.

Shopping App NetPlenish Is a Win for Consumers and Sellers.“ 

It then sends your entire list to the merchants and has them bid on it, potentially getting you an even better deal.

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