What IS this thing?

Let’s face it: life gets a little nuts at times. Or all the time. Your spouse constantly forgets something from the pharmacy, the kids will not stop wrapping each other in toilet paper, and somehow the batteries walk out of the house just when you finally get a chance to sit down in front of the TV.

As we speak, I have one week before I move out of my apartment, two days before my best friend leaves the state, and ten weeks until I say “I do.” When I finally have a break from work these days, there’s only time to run one or two errands before the next reminder pops up on my phone to send me running across town.

And on top of all of that, I have been out of toilet paper for three days.

Don’t judge. You know it’s happened to you too.

As much as I wish I had time to get to the store for anything I need (toilet paper, vegetables, dog food, my sanity) it’s time for a reality check: I. Don’t. Want to.

More than that, I don’t have time even if I had the energy.

What I do have time for is the sweetness of NetPlenish.  Yes, that’s right: sweetness. NetPlenish doesn’t forget the milk or torment the dog with shampoo. NetPlenish, well, is awesome.

“Tell me more,” you might say. Oh, I will.

At first I was skeptical. “Another app” did not seem like the way to simplify my craziness. But this isn’t just “another app”; this is my “I just realized I’m on my last roll of toilet paper and I can take care of it this very second” app.  It’s my “I have thirty seven people coming over in two weeks and I don’t have time to walk around a party store” app.  It’s my “It sure would be nice to plant some new flowers” app.

But wait, there’s more!

The way it works is stupid-proof on my/your end.  All I have to do is:

  1. Download the app on your iPhone or Android.. 
    I have an iPhone but it works on the Android too. Pretty cool.
  2. Quickly grab the barcodes for whatever I need.
    Whether it’s a one-time-need or a monthly-purchase, NetPlenish won’t forget once you’ve scanned it in.
  3. Check what I want to buy right that second.
  4. Buy it. One button. The cheapest price available.

That’s it. Download, grab products, check, buy. Your forty five minute trip to the store for a tube of toothpaste just became about 45 seconds on your phone.

Some may wonder, “What does NetPlenish do for me?” Well, you, I’m so glad you asked.

Once you make your list:
1. NetPlenish constantly scans prices for your favorite products across major online retailers.

2. Merchants compete for the best deal on your favorite products. Diapers, lipstick, a hammer, olive oil, printer paper. Try it. You’ll be hooked.

3. NetPlenish finds the best possible total price and notifies you of the winning merchant. Every item on your list including shipping and sales tax. I mean, come on. You can’t beat that.

4. Your order ships from one of our trusted merchants.

All you have to do then is live your life. The goods arrive at your house in a few days.

You don’t need a butler. You don’t need a personal assistant. You don’t even need a 1980s voice controlled robot. But you sure could use NetPlenish.


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